Writing software

(Olga Markovic) #21

Hey Meg, oh I mean the Beat Board and Story Map inside of Final Draft 11. It links to the script.

(Olga Markovic) #22

Thanks Herman.

(Olga Markovic) #23

Great, thanks for the advice.

(Olga Markovic) #24

Hey Alicia. Thanks so much for the tips.

(Olga Markovic) #25

Thanks so much Emma this is really helpful.

(Alicia Carroll) #26

lol i actually think i knew that, i remember downloading all my projects and converting them WITH FADE IN because it’s amazing.

(Alicia Carroll) #27

For ourlines I go analog and use index cards, but then I put it on supernotecard.com which allows you to digitally organize, color code, and separate acts, epsiodes etc. Once I get all my ideas down, I like having a digital version I can work off of anywhere. There are some other methods I’ve used for features, but I always start with physical notecards - or if I am writing in a group a white board//corkboard.

(Arthur Vincie) #28

Wow that’s amazing.