YOU'RE INVITED: NYC Happy Hour, October 17th

(Stareable) #1

Come hang and drink and chat, all on the Stareable tab!

WHEN: Tuesday, October 17th, 6pm
WHERE: TriBeCa Tavern
WHY: Fun times!

Who’s coming?? @Pablo @jonathankyall @chelsaat @Rebecca_Frost @poolwebseries @frecklysoprano1 @carlforemanjr @anthonygaskins @avincie @ghettonerdgirl …and any other New Yorkers (or New York area-ers)!

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(Jonathan Kaplan) #2

Yes!!! I will be there!!

(Chelsey Saatkamp) #3

i will try!!

(Mae Smith) #4

I’ll be there!! Just joined Stareable and super excited. -Emily

(Bri Castellini) #5

I’ll be the one with the beer and the little yellow S canvas!