Youtube's Wayne and violence in a web series

(Ian David Diaz) #1

Okay, what’s the score on having violence scenes on Youtube, I just watch the first Ep of Youtube’s Wayne and that has blood splats and people getting the crap beaten out of them, there’s even a scene where Wayne bites off someone’s nose. When I was writing my web series I was very wary of having such acts of violence in it so I was careful on the way I shot people getting gun down and seeing blood. The series Wayne has a title card, in the beginning, saying viewer discretion is advised is that all it takes to have such scenes in your show or is there more to it than that, does anyone have the answer to this?

(Emma Drewry) #2

you can technically put a lot of stuff on YT if it’s fictional; the community guidelines are more geared towards preventing videos of real-life violence and less about sheltering people. gore and “gratuitous violence” aren’t allowed if they’re meant to just shock people or disgust people, but for fiction, you can include violence if it’s relevant to the plot.

the restrictions they place are on who can see it and what ads can be placed; for channels that aren’t monetized the latter doesn’t matter. but youtube can keep minors from seeing your content, it can prevent it from being shown in restricted mode, and it can label your content as “sensitive” which is a category advertisers tend to choose not to bid on, limiting your potential revenue.

YouTube’s community guidelines are pretty straightforward if you look-- here’s their section on violence. Violent or graphic content policies - YouTube Help

(Ian David Diaz) #3

Thanks for pointing this out.