Yuri Lowenthal & Tara Platt (Creators/Writers/Producers/Actors)

(Patrick Thomas) #21

Hi! Im glad to be here and happy you are taking time out to do this with us!
Yuri, this question is for you. After just learning you are the new face of Spider-Man, how long did the voice work process go?

(Jaime Lancaster) #22

Do you have a fun example for a creative problem solve you did on set once?

(Tara Platt) #23

Yes! We have done a few successful crowdfunding projects – the whole of season 4 of Shelf Life was crowdfunded (as well as my latest book Zartana)… crowdfunding is a whole separate job and takes a LOT of work to do right (and make the $$)… sometimes we just finance them directly with the money we save for a production fund (oh look there’s some costumes in the barn ahhah)… we are getting to the point now though where we really need to start reaching out to financiers to take the projects to next level.

(Ghetto Nerd Girl) #24

Welcome Tara & Yuri! How did you two find each other and become creative partners? How do you divide responsibilities?

(Yuri Lowenthal) #25

The festival submission process can be daunting, expensive, and often depressing (whee!), but I definitely think it’s always worth a shot. It’s nice to have even one little set of laurels which allows you to change the title of your webseries from “X” to “The Award-Winning X”. We like to start by targeting a handful of festivals that REALLY fit our project. If those don’t pan out, we move on to round 2!

(Hailey Harper) #26

How did you prepare for your crowdfunding- what did you plan out beforehand about the way you would run it? And would you do anything different nowadays?

(Bri Castellini) #27

Do you tend to stick to web-specific fests, or fests with more to offer than awards and live-screenings, or is it just finding a programming mandate that fits?

(Tara Platt) #28

Oooh… I’m not sure even (as we all grow and learn there is an awareness of things that we simply didn’t have before…) but that is part of the process right, you don’t know what you don’t know, but make the mistake once and you try to never again.
Tech has changed a lot over that time so there are definitely somethings that we don’t have to even think about now that were an issue then and vice versa. Now, of course I am very strict about making sure all paperwork is signed and cleared ASAP. And we have always believed that the most important thing on set is taking care of Cast & Crew – so feed them well and often!!

(Yuri Lowenthal) #29

Yuuuup. We were leaving one morning to drive from New York to Ohio to shoot a film in an abandoned castle we had been given permission to shoot in. The lead actress panicked and didn’t show up. We drove to Ohio anyway, rewrote the script that night with the main character replaced by a non-speaking ghost character and the movie was so much better! We could have just quit and blamed the actress, but I’m glad we pushed through!

(Tara Platt) #30

I think it differs per project. Sometimes the nature of the production lends itself to programming mandated fests while othertimes it is using the fact it is a web fest to be better suited.

(Hailey Harper) #31


(sam lockie-waring) #32

how involved are you both in the art department of your projects? how do you approach set design/costumes as creators of the worlds you write?

(Yuri Lowenthal) #33

Ha! You’re more than welcome! It’s been a looooong process, but at times it was busier than others. Early on, we’d do some work and it might not be a while before they called me again, but this last year’s been busy.

(Tara Platt) #34

We use a fairly basic appointment based marketing plan to prep the folks who might donate well before the crowdfunding begins… and then I have it all planned out during the run of the funding process as to what I will post/etc… leaving room for exciting announcements/etc. So far it has worked for us successfully when we have crowdfunded so I see no reason to switch it up… of course like I said, crowdfunding is a FULL TIME job… so that money is HARD EARNED… :slight_smile:

(Yuri Lowenthal) #35

I’d try anything! If it really suits your project, but they don’t usually showcase webseries, it may even get you more attention than at a webseries-specific fest!

(Jane) #36

Welcome!! You’ve both done a lot of voiceover work- do you have advice for folks doing animated or non-live-action stuff to make their audio clean and high-quality?

(Bri Castellini) #37

And to build on this, do you have any advice for working with your romantic partner?

(Tara Platt) #38

I think aesthetically all of those pieces are integral in telling story… so we work with our art dept/set dept/costume dept head to make sure that we are all on the same page… we use images and pop culture references to make sure we align and then we trust the skills and talents those members of the team are bringing to the project to make things soar (ex. our short film TOPSY MCGEE VS THE SKY PIRATES) stellar prod value but very much what we were going for when we wrote the script… and made the subsequent comic books.

(Ron Valderrama) #39

Would love to check these shows out. Can you link the thread?

(Jaime Lancaster) #40

What’s an appointment=based marketing plan? more generally… what is your general marketing strategy, and what does your outreach tend to look like?