Yuri Lowenthal & Tara Platt (Creators/Writers/Producers/Actors)

(Patrick Thomas) #41

Honestly, I never even looked twice at the game but now that I know you are voicing him, I have some rethinking to do. Lol.

Now, Is voice acting for anime any different then for video games? What are their similarities and differences?

(Tara Platt) #42

While Yuri is answering the first part, I’ll take the second… hahha… that’s part of it. Teamwork. Making sure that your partner feels valued artistically separately from your romantic value and respect. I feel for a good relationship (we have been married over 16 yrs and working together the whole time) we need to at the foundation of things have a sense of mutual respect, admiration and value for one another. That helps us to then work together and overcome hurdles that come up either in daily life or production.

(Meg Carroway) #43

What’s your advice for other people wanting to make a living making creative projects online? How do we take these things we’re doing beyond expensive hobbies?

(Yuri Lowenthal) #44

Unsurprisingly, we met on a film. Not too long after we got married. We’re both passionate about storytelling, but it’s taken years of working together to really sort out how to divide responsibilities. Tara is an idea generator, and I’m often the writer, and we both produce (because we usually have to) and act when it’s right. That said, on Tara’s last project, WHATTA LARK, we realized that I wasn’t the right writer for it, so she found a writer and put together a team that was much better suited to the show. It was a different way of working for us, but so much better than had we just gone ahead as usual!

(Rayne M) #45

Did you guys build giant props for shelf life or were most of the backgrounds green screened?

(Patrick Thomas) #46

Hi, Tara. Have you ever voiced a character you actually did not want to voice? Like perhaps you tried for a role but someone else got the part. If so, any examples?

(Yuri Lowenthal) #47

Absolutely! After the AMA, we’ll do a final post with some links!

(Tara Platt) #48

Appt based means you schedule things out on a regular schedule and inform your aud that you will be marketing to them then… ie. Next WED we are launching our campaign, please join us…etc.
The outreach is as honest and direct as I can make it while still getting folks excited about what we are doing and letting them know how they can help.

(Tara Platt) #49

HAHHA. we audition everyday and don’t get roles so thousands of roles that someone else got … but I don’t have any off the top of my head, I try to let them go once the audition is done. And I’ve been fairly happy with my work :slight_smile:

(Jaime Lancaster) #50

So is it mostly social media and maybe some personal emails? Do you guys do much with press releases or supplemental content or anything? How do you get the word out?

(Yuri Lowenthal) #51

Ha! Love that show, love this question. We built just about everything. It was part of the fun. The only green screen work I think we did (mostly because, work-flow-wise it was easier NOT to have to deal with it in post) was in season 4 because we really wanted to get them off the shelf more. So the bathtub and the RC car episode, for example, but whenever we could we worked with models or giant props!

(Rayne M) #52

THAT’S SO COOL!! What did you make everything out of? And do you still have it or did you destry after filming? You should just make a whole guest room of giant objects!!

(Tara Platt) #53

Alas, the bajillion dollar question. I don’t exactly know how to make sure that you can make a living doing online – you have to do it out of love, use your head and hope for the best… it is almost like trying to plan a viral video… that is a whole lot of luck of hitting the right thing on the head at the right time… that said, I think staying in the game, more fingers in more pies, often leads to success in all endeavors.

(Tara Platt) #54

HAHHA we had a storage room for a while but now we just have the giant marker!

(Yuri Lowenthal) #55

Sweet! One more game sold! :wink: The acting part is the same, but the process is different because with dubbing there’s a lot of technical juggling you have to do to match the original performance. Not usually the case when recording for vg

(Yuri Lowenthal) #56

Yeah… We had to ditch some of it (we have a tiny house) but there’s some stuff I couldn’t bear to throw away!

(Tara Platt) #57

Def social media, we have a newsletter that folks can sign up for, we no longer do personal emails as we hope that the folks we are reaching out to are on the newsletter or social platforms. We will do a pr push as well.

(Bri Castellini) #58

Think this one might have gotten a bit lost in the shuffle!

(Tara Platt) #59

We built a WHOLE bunch of GIANT props :slight_smile:

(Jaime Lancaster) #60

What social media do you find is best? Also what do you guys put as the email subject for PR blasts? I feel like mine are either too long or not eye-catching enough since I’m not a big name so using the show or creators names don’t really do anything