Yuri Lowenthal & Tara Platt (Creators/Writers/Producers/Actors)

(Bri Castellini) #61

Speaking of social media, what are some actionable tips not just for simply “getting the word out,” but genuinely finding and curating an audience around your content? I think what many people here struggle with is finding the people to be invested in their work long term instead of a handful of pity clicks from friends and family.

(Patrick Thomas) #62

Yeah, you took my role. I wanted to play Temari and blast people with my giant fan. Lol. Nah, but It so totally would be cool. Which brings my next question, when did you very first try out for voice acting for anime? And how did that process go? How did you know that you wanted to voice anime characters?

(Yuri Lowenthal) #63

Absolutely. While the microphone you use is important (you shouldn’t need an overly expensive one), the space you record in is even more crucial. Make sure you create a non-echoey place to record in (you can do it in a closet or a room where you line the walls with furniture moving blankets, for example) and keep testing your recording til it sounds good. Sonically measure twice, and cut once!

(Hailey Harper) #64

What do you wish more people would ask you guys about when they do interviews with you? And now… pretend I asked about those things and answer them now :slight_smile:

(Tara Platt) #65

Hmmm… I think it is about turning things on their head… they say if you hand an object to a 5 year old and ask them if there are 50 things they could do with it they will list 100 but if you do the same thing with a 15 year old they can barely do 10… I think we need to be fostering creativity all the time, challenging ourselves to think outside the box… so for example if you have a particularly challenging (ie. fiscally expensive) sequence how might you tell it in a way that wouldn’t be (use puppets/dream sequence fog/vo over journal entry…etc…) try to see what fits/works with project/still stimulates you to get excited. brainstorm with others to figure it out!

(Tara Platt) #66

The answer is 42.

(Meg Carroway) #67

Well you guys make a living off creative stuff- so is the best strategy to diversify? How do you even break in to that sort of thing if you’re not an actor? From what I can tell there is no audition for writers or directors (not that auditioning is easy or a done deal, obvi, just that there’s a concrete way for you to try as opposed to other stuff)

(Patrick Thomas) #68

Right. Speaking of the original performance, do you or any of your VA friends get frustrated when fans of the show critic your acting? Im not a voice actor (yet) but it bugs me when people talk smack about the hard work you guys put into your roles.

(Hailey Harper) #69

Well then I set myself up for that one huh hahaha

(Yuri Lowenthal) #70

Honestly, we are still struggling to really develop a strategy for this. For the longest time, we figured, “Hey, if we make something really good, people will find it!” That’s not true today. There’s too much out there. I would say try to find the online communities that you feel would like what you want to make, and make yourself a part of them well before you make your thing. Otherwise, it feels very mercenary approaching them afterwards to get them to watch your thing. They want you to be genuine about it, and approaching them just to watch your thing could be a huge turn off.

(Yuri Lowenthal) #71

Eh. It stings sometimes, but you gotta learn to tune that out.

(Ollie R) #72

What are some things that newbie filmmakers always seem to forget when producing and distributing their projects?

(Tara Platt) #73

Eeeep… we use twitter/FB/instagram as for PR blasts I keep things short/simple/fun.
“Voice-Over Voice Actor Now an Expanded Edition”

(Ollie R) #74

Have you guys ever dealt with trolls on your videos? How do you keep an open line of communication between your fans (forcing you to read comments, I assume) while also keeping a healthy distance from that sort of people?

(Tara Platt) #75

Well FINISHING is the most important thing.
After that, I think it is reminding people it is out there, and then working to make the next one.

(Tara Platt) #76

Let Trolling Trolls lie…

Which means feed the fire of kindness and support and positive criticism while giving no mind to the meanspirited haters.

(Yuri Lowenthal) #77

You’re right. You almost can’t only do one thing these days. As actors, to make a living we have to do more than act. I would say, if you want to write or direct, then just start doing it. There are people out there who want to do the stuff (like produce and act and build things) that you might not be as interested in. Find those people with similar vision and build your team and make stuff! It’ll lead you to other places…

(Bri Castellini) #78

Online communities like where? We’ve had people on this forum complain that, for instance, subreddits are particularly hard to break into, especially if that’s not a website you frequent naturally.

(Tara Platt) #79

Everyone is free to have their opinion. I don’t have to agree with it!

(Blair Hunter) #80

Whew made it! How do you both think about the way you “brand” yourselves online in your social media/non-scripted appearances? Do you think it’s important that people who want to be actors/hosts have a consistent “image” they curate?