Yuri Lowenthal & Tara Platt (Creators/Writers/Producers/Actors)

(Yuri Lowenthal) #81

I know Reddit is the 800 pound gorilla, but I’d go to FB or just start googling around. I, too, am mystified by subreddits and how to crack them.

(Meg Carroway) #82

Lead to other places like what? I feel like whenever I make something, it just sort of goes into the void, and maybe I’ll find a person or two who I didn’t know before who cares, but at that rate I’ll have an audience on 100 in about 200 years which is still roughly in the same place as I am now, not making money and working two survival jobs to pay for the NEXT no budget project :confused:

(Tara Platt) #83

Check out https://www.youtube.com/KingdomofTheMonkey

(Patrick Thomas) #84

You’re right. Guess I have to tune the nay sayers out. Lol.

So what was life like for you before joining the acting career?

(Yuri Lowenthal) #85

Tough question, but I’d just say be true to yourself. If it doesn’t feel right or authentic to YOU, then eff it. Whatever allows YOU to shine through, because that’s what people are coming to see.

(Yuri Lowenthal) #86

Easier :slight_smile:

(Bri Castellini) #87

This one got lost a while back! Whoops, sorry Meg!

(Ghetto Nerd Girl) #88

OMG Tara! I just saw on your Wiki you’re Usagi’s mom’s voice in Sailor Moon’s Viz Dub! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

(Tara Platt) #89

I guess what I mean is you never know where opportunities and relationships are going to come from. We have met folks online who we now collaborate with. Bringing your own FINISHED projects to the table shows folks you are serious and they are more likely to want to ask you to join them and vice versa. Sometimes the value they offer is their skill but sometimes it is yours… so hopefully it will allow your voice to grow larger and stronger and those numbers will continue to grow…

(Blair Hunter) #90

Do you ever feel pressure to stick to certain subjects when tweeting or writing, though? It’s hard to market “you” unless you boil “you” down to a particular demographic. (ie- geek, political, stand up comedian, sci-fi/genre obsessed, etc)

(Yuri Lowenthal) #91

Oh my god get out of my head. We feel EXACTLY THE SAME THING. Sorry if that’s disheartening. When I say “other places” I think I mean, the more you do, the more different people you get to work with. You’re building a community as well as a project, and I like to believe (have to believe) that groups come up together. I wish I had a better answer for you!

(Tara Platt) #92

Thanks… we made a prod co cause we wanted to be taken seriously (as seriously as silly monkeys haha) but also because we wanted to legally protect our IP (intellectual property). We own our characters and shows and that gives us leverage to trade that commodity for value. It also keeps us personally safe if someone had an issue with our productions (or got hurt on one of them etc.) and sued, we are not our co so our assets are safe (ie. they can’t take my car as payment)

(Yuri Lowenthal) #93

Don’t worry about demographics. The moment you start chasing those, you’re lost. Again, people will come for YOU, not because you’re targeting THEM. If you;re nerdy, be nerdy. If you;re political, be political. Nobody else will do it like you. Your brand will develop naturally.

(Meg Carroway) #94

Haha it’s ok! It’s just that after a while, hearing the advice to “keep going and making stuff” stops feeling useful when you’re doing it, you know? And you feel like no progress is being made or you don’t really have the resources to make the next one good enough for {a festival/ an award/ to submit to a legit industry person/ etc}

(Patrick Thomas) #95

Thats right!
So can someone live off of being a voice actor alone? I hear that you can and I hear that you can’t. So I’m still unsure.

(Tara Platt) #96

I disagree. I think YOU is exactly that; YOU – fully completely not a particular demographic or label. Tweet who you are and the right audience will find you. I tweet what makes me happy, what I find interesting… so I’m not fixated on MARKETING me I’m fixated on putting out more of ME into the world… :slight_smile:

(Bri Castellini) #97

Ten minutes left, folks! To each of our hosts, what is exciting to you about digital media right now? What’s a new capability or trend that you’re hyped about?

(Yuri Lowenthal) #98

I hear you. I have been told by people more successful than me to “stop paying for your own stuff and making it before you know somebody wants it. Pitch it until someone says they want to pay for it, and work out the distribution plan before you even start writing.” I… wish we knew how to do that better. We’re trying to level up!

(Meg Carroway) #99

What kinds of things are you guys doing between projects/seasons to “level up”? How do you think about that?

(Tara Platt) #100

Be YOU!!

“Today you are you, that is truer than true, there is no one alive who is youer than you” Dr. Seuss